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Best Of The Alps Roadtrip

Best Of The Alps Roadtrip

3 different countries, 8 international photographers, 5 brand new Audi Q8’s cars and 4 different destinations along the Alps. A trip that possibly couldn’t go wrong!

Our road trip started in Munich early morning. The whole team met up at the myAudi Sphere at Munich Airport, we had photographers from all over Europe, staff from Audi, Best of the Alps and the Friendship agency. Together a big group that was about to spend the next week together, hiking, biking and exploring some incredible nature. Basically visiting four of twelve outstanding Best of the Alps destinations: Lech Zürs am Arlberg, St. Anton am Arlberg, Davos Klosters and St. Moritz.

Audi Driving Experience.

The first part of our program was the Audi Driving Experience at Munich airport. For those not familiar of the concept, it’s a racing-track used to educate drivers. There we got to test our own reflexes, by speeding and then braking as hard as possible while turning either left or right.

It was very interesting, yet stressful to get the chance to push the car to a maximum speed. The whole process really helped us improve our driving technique, as well as giving us a greater understanding of how the latest safety systems work. Honestly a great skillset to start the road trip with.

Photo courtesy: Best of the Alps 


Lech Zürs am Arlberg

After the driving experience we grabbed our bags, packed the cars and hit for the first destination of the trip; Lech Zürs am Arlberg. A cute mountain village located in Bludenz district in the Austrian state of Vorarlberg, famous as a great skiing and winter destination. Although not as well frequented in the summer as it is in the winter, Lech nevertheless has much to offer the summer visitor, in terms of sporting, cultural, culinary and other activities.

After arriving to our hotel, we got split into two groups. I was a part of the smaller group that was going for an overnight hike at the top of the mountain in Madloch. We spend the night in a wooden bivouac at over 2300 metres above sea level. After a chilly night in the huts, we set the alarm at 4AM, in a hope for a nice sunrise, sadly our dream didn’t come true and we were accompanied with rain and fog. Even so, the views where absolutely magical.

Soaking wet after hiking down the mountain, we got just in time for a delicious breakfast buffet at the hotel where the rest of the group had stayed. It felt so rewarding, enjoying a nice breakfast and warming up with a coffee.

St. Anton am Arlberg

After a nice and traditional lunch in Lech at Gasthaus Bodenalpe, we got back into our cars and headed for the next destination; St. Anton am Arlberg. The journey up into the Arlberg valley keeps you in suspense, as a series of tunnels means you only get brief flashes of the scenery.

I have to admit that I couldn’t hide my excitement for visiting St Anton, an Austrian village in the Tyrolean Alps. I had heard so many great things from friends, that lived there during the ski seasons, they called it “the home of the Aprés parties”.  Every winter, the town of St Anton am Arlberg in Austria’s Tyrolean Alps becomes a mecca for skiers and snowboarders. Rated as one of Europe’s top resorts, winter sports fans come from around the world to take advantage of its fantastic pistes.

I immediately felt that I wouldn’t get disappointed by St.Anton, a classic pretty Alpine town, with rows of traditional wooden buildings at the base of the slopes and a meltwater stream running through the valley. Even though it’s way more famous as a winter destination, I highly recommend it for mountain lovers during the summer. There are endless opportunities for hiking, biking and exploring.

We overnighted at a charming skihotel called Galzig, located in the centre of the town. The morning we took a cable car up to Valluga, that provided some excellent photo opportunities.

During our stay we did some E-biking, Yoga-Session in the nature, did a high rope garden and wrapping up the stay with a magical dinner at Restaurant Museum.

Davos Klosters

At this point in the trip, it was finally time to cross over to Switzerland for our third destination; Davos Klosters. In fact it’s, Europe’s highest city at 1560 meters above sea level. We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel, which was conveniently situated in the heart of the town, providing easy access to all the popular attractions. All around Davos was the most stunning nature and some incredible mountain passes.

We woke up early morning to catch the sunrise and then got the cable car up to Madrisa and hiked on to Schlappin where we got the most beautiful view.

St. Moritz

It was time for the last destination of this roadtrip; St Moritz. A town that’s truly the Queen of Switzerland’s alpine resorts, a place of death-defying adventures, slothful indulgence and everything in between. It’s also one of the prettiest towns in Europe, with Lake Moritz at its feet and snowy-peaks all around – yet for all the sparkling bling of alpine ice and jewellery store displays.

While staying there we got the most amazing weather to top our experience. We cooled off by paddle boarding on the lake and later on we took the gondola up to Piz Nair, situated more than 3000 meters above sea level.

The trip was about to come to an end, we shared dinner for the last time and enjoyed our time together while reflecting on past days. At that moment I was grateful for everything that I had experienced and all those new faces, which some I considered now close friends.

And all agreed: This wouldn’t be our last adventure together.  We stayed up until 2 AM in the hotel bar, laughing and telling stories from our travels.

Time to say goodbye!

It’s truly was an incredible experience to cruise around the Alps with an international team of talented photographers and the staff. Not to mention get to drive a brand new Audi Q8 that’s not on the market yet.

Thank you so much for having me!




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